We believe that the success of our client is the measure of our own success

Our goal is to provide a smooth and pleasant experience in the procurement of PPE product. We have procured large allocations and we have established an easy to follow SOP. This website offers online forms, pricing and other guides to assist in the ordering process.

We innovated a layer of people within the broker chain we are calling our Affiliates. These teams of professionals manage large groups of buyers to organize and present the buyers who are ready to transact. Our Affiliates provide training, set expectations and guide buyers through our SOP. Affiliate information and links will be coming soon.

While the PPE industry might seem like the wild west, we believe our business actions will all be reviewed by government agencies over the next few years. Therefore, we have implemented best business practices from various parallel industries. We have adopted the standards of HIPPA, FIPS and ICO/IEC. Read how we have adopted these policies on our page titled Security.

PPE has rapidly become a top five global commodity. The Heard Group LLC is positioned to play a major role as this market grows and changes. Partner with us. We are confident that we can manage your orders efficiently, professionally and with your success as out top priority.

Thank you for considering our services.