Used by Seller Mandate & Attorneys to Perform Due Diligence

Buyer Questionnaire

Name of the Buyer(Required)
We cannot receive data about a buyer without the buyer knowing. We will therefore send this completed form to the buyer notifying them that their information was submitted to Patriot Health
You could also give us the link to the buyer's business using one of these search engines --
Most sellers will provide an attorney name and email when providing proof of funds. We do not recommend sending your proof of funds to brokers. We will never ask for you to send your proof of funds to a email
A. Where are the funds located? B. What company owns the proofing funds?C. If this is a proxy buyer then after the NCNDA the seller will require the name of the exit buyer so that they can perform appropriate due diligence.
If proxy, do you have a procurement agreement?
Max. file size: 3 MB.
Max. file size: 3 MB.
Redacted SGS - Unredacted SGS, Product Inspection, No Trigger Necessary as it is already liquid, etc.
Who is filling out this form?
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